Tuina is a therapeutic approach that targets both physical and psychological imbalances, aiding in the fortification of both the body and the mind while diminishing reliance on medication.

This method facilitates the movement of substances within the body, including blood, organic fluids, Qi (vital energy), Shen (spirit), and Jing (essence or vitality). It effectively addresses various disorders, spanning from joint, muscle, and organ-related issues to neurological and psychological challenges. Additionally, Tuina strengthens the immune system. With its roots tracing back millennia, Tuina stands as one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, alongside Acupuncture, Pharmacopoeia, Dietetics, and Qi Gong.


Self-Tuina therapy is versatile, with no contraindications or age limits. It can be utilized independently or in conjunction with other treatments such as acupuncture, pharmacopeia, or dietetics.

During the session, the patient remains clothed and can choose to receive the treatment on a table or while seated. The therapy involves various techniques, including the unique "Rolling" maneuver of Tuina, acupressure, joint mobilizations, stretches, and craniosacral therapy.

Additional exercises may be recommended for further support.

Tuina Massage

The benefits of self-Tuina extend to all bodily systems, including the nervous, pulmonary, muscular, skeletal, and digestive systems, among others.

In terms of PREVENTION, Tuina fosters longevity and mental clarity, mitigating the onset of postural issues.

In CURATIVE treatment, it effectively addresses:

  • Pain: arthritis, sports injuries.
  • Postural problems: scoliosis.
  • Nervous disorders: insomnia, lack of concentration, stress.
  • Digestive issues.
  • Circulatory problems.
  • Respiratory problems: colds, asthma.
  • Immune system support.
Tuina Massage
Tuina Massage


Moxibustion is an age-old, non-invasive therapy that entails applying focused heat to specific acupuncture points using pure mugwort wool, known as moxa. It enhances circulation, dissolves blockages, alleviates stagnation, and addresses associated issues with the same therapeutic intent as acupuncture.

Tuina Massage
Tuina Massage
Tuina Massage
Tuina Massage

Line is a certified yoga instructor (800+ hours) and a Tuina massage therapist (1000+ hours), specializing in direct moxibustion (Fukaya style).

Her personal regimen includes Neigong-QiGong, Gongfu, Baguazhang, and Yoga.

In 2006, I encountered a practice that provided stability (Neigong) and discovered a serene sanctuary within my body. Engaging in internal martial arts unlocked a realm of health and wellness, prompting me to embrace this newfound path.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire for enlightenment, YOGA crossed my path. Instantly recognizing its benefits, I immersed myself in classes, workshops, seminars, and retreats. By 2011, feeling compelled to share these discoveries, I completed my initial yoga teacher training. Since then, I have been teaching and deepening my understanding under the guidance of seasoned mentors.

In 2017, under the mentorship of Ethan Murchie, I commenced my journey in TUINA, actively participating in clinics and engaging in numerous workshops and seminars.

In 2022, Japanese moxibustion became part of my repertoire; Felip Caudet, a master of the Fukaya style, introduced me to it, and I furthered my knowledge through a workshop in Spain under his guidance.

My teaching and therapy sessions are meticulous, viewing the body holistically as an intelligent entity capable of self-regulation. I encourage both students and patients to delve into, experiment with, and understand the mechanics and energy flow of the body.

Moreover, I advocate for consistent daily maintenance routines, achievable through various exercises, self-massage techniques, and/or the regular practice of yoga and Qi Gong.

Eagerly anticipating your visit, Line Godbout