All our massage therapists are qualified to perform Swedish massages. Our centre also offers other massage techniques. Whether for a therapeutic massage, to release muscle contractures and knots or a relaxation massage with enveloping movements, our team will assist you in choosing the method best suited to your needs.
Feel free to tell us whether you would like a deep or light massage when scheduling your appointment. This will allow us to adapt our treatment to your preferences and help you refocus and rediscover your inner self.
Swedish massage

Swedish massage:

The Swedish massage is a manual physical technique, which aims to relieve the musculature from its tensions and to improve the circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body while obtaining a state of relaxation.

The Swedish massage is given on a massage table. The therapist's hands are in direct contact with the receiver's skin. A massage oil or cream is used to facilitate the movements. The manoeuvres are large and encompassing, and the depth is acquired gradually.

Sheets are handled with care to ensure heat and intimacy. This way only one part of the body is uncovered at massaged at a time. The Swedish massage can be very light or very deep depending on the receiver's desire.

The Swedish massage stimulates blood circulation and accelerates lymphatic circulation. It alleviates pains and muscle tension, improves sleep and accelerates recovery.


Kinesitherapy focuses on the proper functioning of the human body's movement. It is inspired from biomechanical and pathological understanding of the musculoskeletal system and uses massage techniques as well as passive, active or opposed motions to resolve the causes of main and limitation of movement.

The first session is used to evaluate posture and mobility. A report of the body's condition is established by using specific tests and a palpation exam. The goal of this is to ensure the best way of proceeding to help the client. The following sessions are dedicated to mobilizations, massages and work on the different structures, according to the desired effect. The treatment here is directed toward the musculature, tendons, ligaments, fascia and the skin.

Kinesitherapy is highly recommended in cases of chronic pain caused by repetitive movements or to help recovery following an injury, all with the goal of promoting a greater range and ease of movement.

Massage for expecting mothers

Massage for expecting mothers:

Sequoia Massothérapie offers expecting mothers massage therapy throughout pregnancy. It is performed by a massage therapist who received specific training in this massage technique, and manœuvres are adapted according to the stage of pregnancy.

Using anatomic cushions and support accessories, our therapists ensure the expecting mother is comfortably positioned to make the most of the therapeutic effects of the massage: improved blood circulation; relief of heavy legs, back and sciatic pain; relief of stress and anxiety related to pregnancy; and faster recovery after childbirth.

We strongly recommend seeking medical advice before making an appointment to ensure you have no restrictions. Remember to inform us that you are pregnant when scheduling your appointment.


Shiatsu is an energetic massage technique, making use of principles of traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is an overall approach to being, which brings stable, long-term results and which helps attain a level of relaxation and well-being superior to simple internal relaxation.

During the massage, the therapist exercises pressures on precise points of the body, joint mobilizations and other manoeuvres, aiming to free tensions and energy blockages. Traditionally, shiatsu is performed on the floor on a mat, and the receiver remains dressed in loose and comfortable clothing, but this technique can also be performed on a chair or a table combined with an oil massage.

Shiatsu is effective in helping people who suffer from stress, headaches and migraines and back and sciatic pains, disrupted menstrual cycles, hypertension, joint problems, digestive or respiratory difficulties and many more common ailments.

Californian massage

Californian massage:

The Californian massage promotes relaxation and aims to unify body and spirit. It is received on a table and includes motions that encompass the entire body. The therapist's hands are in direct contact with the receiver's skin. A massage oil or cream is used to facilitate the movements. The pace is slow and soft and the movements are fluid, constant and enveloping.

This massage technique plunges the receiver into one of the most profound states of relaxation, and is particularly recommended for people suffering from nervous fatigue, stress, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress.


Lomi-Atsu is an approach that combines the qualities of Lomi-Lomi with an energetic work taken from Shiatsu. This massage is done on a table with oil; it is performed using the forearms as well as the thumbs, which exercise pressures on precise points acting on energetic circulation.

Its effect is to free muscular contractures, reduce stress, stimulate circulation of the KI (energy) in the body, thereby reinforcing the immune system.



The Momentum massage is a bodily approach inspired from the Esalen ® massage from California. With soft and slow movements, always guided by intuition, this massage technique aims to promote an awakening of the interior consciousness by listening to bodily sensations. The practitioner begins to listen for respirations, pulsations, oscillations and other subtle movements of the body. He or she can sometimes use the weight of the receiver's body to work with gravity. Breaks are frequent in order to integrate transitions.

Take a moment to unwind, regain your true nature.


The origins of reflexology have been lost in time. According to this science, the feet contain a map of the entire body. By massaging them, the therapist directly stimulates the reflex points that activate the vital energy of different systems, organs and helps to re-establish cellular and organic order.

A complete reflexology massage of the feet lasts about an hour. This technique is generally performed on a table and the receiver remains dressed. The pressure can be deep or very light, according to the desired effect.

The scope of application of reflexology is very vast, but it is excellent for resolving problems such as insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue, migraines, stiffness of the neck, etc. It has revealed itself as an effective tool for stimulating the curative energy that resides in us.



Polarity is an energetic approach founded by Dr. Randolf Stone, an Austrian who moved to the United States. An Osteopath, naturopath, and chiropractor, he was an avid researcher in the field of health.

This technique aims to re-establish the energetic balance through passive contacts applied on the body. Muscles are not at the base of this procedure, but the person's energy, of which the nervous system is the conductor. The therapist uses a soft and non-invasive touch and seeks the free circulation of energy in the electromagnetic field of the receiver.

You don't need to have a health problem to enjoy the benefits of polarity, since it helps to obtain deep relaxation and harmonizes the energetic circulation. By promoting regulation of physical, emotional and more subtle balances, polarity stimulates the self-healing process innate in all humans.


Reiki is an energetic approach which is distinguished by its great simplicity. Through passive contact, the practitioner becomes a channel through which accumulated negative energy is dissipated toward the exterior and the positive energy is redistributed in the receiver. The goal of reiki is to balance the vital energy residing in the body.

By placing his or her hands, the masseuse disperses energetic blockages and helps to re-establish a free circulation of this energy. Often, the receiver falls into an alpha sleep level: a very restorative and beneficial level of sleep.

This approach re-centres the individual, thus allowing for a unification of the body and mind, promoting the intrinsic power of self-healing in each human being.