Hypnosis and Masso-Hypno

Introducing our counselling and support service utilizing hypnosis and Masso-Hypno, aimed at assisting you in mastering the management of your automatic thoughts, emotions, and bodily reactions. This service addresses a range of concerns, including chronic pain, stress, anxiety symptoms, concentration difficulties, self-confidence building, and managing dependencies (digital, tobacco, food, etc.). Moreover, it serves as a valuable tool for goal setting and self-empowerment.

Session duration: 60 minutes

Fee: $102 + taxes

Hypnosis and Masso-Hypno

Hypnosis: A Counseling Service

Begin a journey guided by hypnosis sessions. Your destination: achieving your dreams, pursuing future goals, overcoming limitations, and facing unresolved challenges. Despite prior attempts to find different solutions, delve into your patterns of resistance (fight-flight-freeze-affiliation) and discover the strengths needed to escape repetitive or unsatisfactory patterns.

Just as having a guide is beneficial when navigating unfamiliar terrain, support is essential when exploring new possibilities internally. Having support, even if it's only to keep focused on the purpose of this journey—what truly matters to us—can be incredibly valuable.

Masso-Hypno: A Psycho-Corporal Massage Technique

In contrast to a traditional hypnosis session, this approach occurs within the familiar environment of a standard massage therapy session. It integrates components of motivational interviewing, focusing, and Ericksonian hypnosis.

The initial step in Masso-Hypno sessions involves a brief interview to identify your objectives. Subsequently, a massage therapy regimen unfolds, during which you will be verbally guided toward your goals through a series of suggestions, exercises, inquiries, and dialogues while remaining attuned to the body's sensations during the massage. This session encourages proactive engagement while inviting the release of habitual thought patterns. It represents a collaborative effort.

Please note that while this method is a recognized complementary technique, it is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare professional, especially concerning mental health issues.

Always follow your doctor's recommendations regarding medication.

Reasons for consultation:

  • Coping with grief.
  • Seeking peace in the present by addressing unresolved issues from the past or future.
  • Improving quality of life while managing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Discovering or rediscovering a sense of purpose and direction, aligning with personal aspirations.
  • Achieving a balance between letting go and maintaining control.
  • Resolving internal conflicts and contradictions.
  • Confronting and harnessing inner strengths.
  • Activating new resources for personal growth.
  • Managing and overcoming fears.
  • Transitioning from dreaming to taking action.
  • Breaking free from dependencies.

Anne Valérie Jasmin, a massage therapist at Sequoia Massage Therapy since 2011, provides these services. Additionally, she is a certified Ericksonian Hypnosis practitioner at ARCHE (Academy of Research and Knowledge in Ericksonian Hypnosis), in partnership with Coaching Québec.

Anne Valérie offers tools for personal development and learning to transform negative mental patterns. These benefits are further enhanced through the provision of self-hypnosis exercises.

Her practice prioritizes compassion and respect for your values and expectations, demonstrated through attentive and empathetic listening. Her services complement massage therapy by emphasizing the strengthening of the mind-body connection. Furthermore, her hypnosis and Masso-Hypno offerings are regularly updated based on the latest evidence from biomedical and neurocognitive sciences.

Anne Valérie is affiliated with both the National Association of Naturopaths (ANN) and the Quebec Federation of Massage Therapists (FQM).

Hypnosis and Masso-Hypno