We provide you with a support and assistance service through hypnotherapy. this technique aims at learning to manage and modify automatic thought, emotion and body mechanisms: chronic pain, stress, anxiety, attention deficit, self-confidence, addiction (digital, tobacco, food).

This new service is offered by benoît hogedez, a massage therapist/kinesiologist, who previously collaborated with french alpine skiing teams. benoît is currently enrolled as a phd student in health philosophy. he also holds a degree in therapeutic hypnosis from the université de médecine de grenoble (france).

Benoît uses personal development and learning tools to help you overcome negative thought patterns. He will also teach you self-hypnosis exercises for a prolonged feeling of well-being.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary treatment to massage therapy as it strengthens the body-mind connection. Attentive and compassionate, Benoît adopts a considerate approach, respecting your values and expectations. Moreover, he regularly reviews and upgrades his services based on the latest advances in biomedical and neurocognitive sciences.

Benoît Hogedez is an experienced hypnotherapist, acknowledged by the RITMA association.

Length of one session: 60 minutes

Fees: $ 80 + taxes