Group courses


We now offer yoga, Pilates and Essentrics classes in our brand-new gym. Group courses are delivered by experienced teachers to a maximum of 8 participants at a time. You will thus benefit from a personalized approach and privileged attention to optimize your training!

Yoga classes last 75 minutes and are classified according to their level of intensity. We offer a diverse range of courses to ensure you benefit from sessions adapted to your taste and needs.


  • Improved range of motion, elasticity and flexibility

  • Increased muscle strength and endurance

  • Relief and reduction of back and neck pain

  • Improved lung capacity

  • Blood pressure regulation

  • Stress relief

  • Anxiety relief

  • Stimulation of brain functions

*Article from the Huffington providing links to several scientific studies:

Please note that courses are available only by registration.

Summer 2020



This introductory course, spread over 7 consecutive weeks, is intended for all those who wish to learn yoga smoothly and safely. Whether for relaxation, improving flexibility, managing stress, or breathing better, this course introduces you to and helps you experience the basic postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques.
Courses are conducted in small groups, allowing instructors to offer individual and personalized attention and support. 



Hatha is the most ancient form of yoga and is at the basis of almost all current yoga styles. Gentle Hatha consists of breathing exercises, various postures and periods of relaxation. All postures are performed gradually and in harmony with slow and deep breathing. It is suitable for everyone and can be adapted to people suffering from joint pain or those seeking general relaxation.



Yin yoga is a slow-rhythm session whereby stretching positions are sustained for several tens of seconds. This approach helps increase the range of joint movement, including that of the hips and shoulders, thus reducing muscle tension. The science of yoga suggests that a Yin session stimulates energy circulation (flow). This method is perfect for people who wish to improve their flexibility or those who simply want to enjoy a moment of mindful relaxation.



This is a gentle technique through which relaxation postures, often aided by accessories, are sustained for one to a few minutes. Using slow, deep and mindful breathing, this type of yoga helps balance the nervous system. Regenerative yoga is relaxing and suitable for people struggling with the negative effects of anxiety. Warm and comfortable clothes will make your experience more enjoyable.



Yoga Flow is a dynamic type of yoga based on a sequence of postures. Transitional movements are integrated and synchronized with breathing. A yoga flow session allows you to reach high body temperature and high energy expenditure while "invigorating" the body.



Flow & stretch yoga is a series of postures. It can be adapted to everyone, especially people who want to develop their muscle strength and flexibility. Some positions are sustained for a longer time, allowing for deep stretching.



It is an introductory yoga course offered to all family members from 8 to 88 years old! Emphasis is placed on simple breathing techniques and postural sequences that develop coordination, balance and mobility. The movements are adapted to everyone’s needs and capacity and can be easily re-created at home.



Mat Pilates is made up mainly of dynamic exercises performed on the ground and whereby every movement is associated with a breathing phase. This training method focuses on strengthening the deep muscles around the spine and improving posture, mobility and stability. Pilates is often used in rehabilitation to reduce back pain. Accessories (balls, resistance bands and massage roller sticks) can be used to offer a range of different variants and adjust the level of difficulty.



Essentrics is a dynamic workout that lengthens and strengthens the body's muscles, improves joint mobility, and creates strong, slim and well-balanced muscles. This technique exercises the whole body and muscle chains, releasing and relaxing your muscles, thus relieving muscle tension. Essentrics is based on three main pillars of physical training: The graceful and therapeutic movements of tai-chi, the strengthening theories that underlie the slender and powerful muscles of ballet dancers, and the healing techniques of physiotherapy that drive out the pain.

*Source: website by Audrey Chevrier


Regular fee: $ 18

6-class package: $ 105

12-class package: $ 199

*Excluding taxes. Packages are available at our online shop.

To book a spot in our group courses, please call us at 514 522-5777.

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Stéphanie St-Onge-Perron, yoga and Pilates teacher

Stéphanie has several years of experience working as a fitness coach and kinesiologist for the Institut National du Sport du Québec (INSQ) and Excellence Sportive Ile de Montréal (ESIM). She has developed and implemented personalized training programs for athletes on the gymnastics, figure skating and water polo national teams. Stéphanie has also worked in a physiotherapy clinic and has experience in rehabilitation kinesiology. On top of that, she teaches Pilates and yoga, being a certified 200-hour yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance.

Champa Cyr, yoga teacher

“As a dance graduate, I have dedicated myself to professional dancing for over ten years. It is, therefore, only natural that I eventually turned to yoga. Fascinated by this pursuit of balance between muscle strength and flexibility, as well as the central role of breathing, I started teaching yoga and meditation in 2010. After completing my teaching certification in Hatha Yoga and taking several courses, I specialized in restorative yoga, as well as prenatal and mother-baby yoga. I am committed to providing my students with a safe space where they can progressively and confidently achieve synchronization between breathing, body awareness and meditation."

Manuela Correia, yoga teacher

“I was always drawn to the fields of relaxation, well-being and sports. To take this passion a step further and make it more meaningful, I, therefore, decided to become a yoga instructor. I trained in Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Anatomy and Postural Pathologies with yoga teacher and master, Hervé Blondon, from the Satyam School of Hatha Yoga in Montreal. Using a holistic approach, I focus on the progressive learning of basic postures, breathing and posture alignment principles. One of the main purposes of yoga practice is to soothe the body and mind. May the sacred power of yoga bring you stability, knowledge, clarity and peace of mind."

Audrey Chevrier, Essentrics teacher

“Having trained in psychoeducation, I have worked alongside needy people for over 15 years. After discovering Essentrics in 2013, I began specializing in physical well-being. Today, I am a certified level 4 coach and keep expanding my knowledge. Passionate about my job, I adopt a dynamic, fluid, warm and non-judgmental approach. My goal is to bring physical and psychological well-being to the people I teach, regardless of their age.”